Stammering Doctor in Kanpur UP India

What is Stammering?

"It is an involuntary repetition, prolongation or block which interrupts the normal flow of speech." Globally, one in a hundred suffers from stammering. There are multiple behaviours associated with stammering. One person may get stuck on a certain word or sounds, another may repeat sounds, another may go back in speech and quickly speak a difficult word, and many more. There are times when speech is fluent, such as when talking to oneself or with a close. At other times, stammering may occur frequently, especially whena person is tired, excited or under stress. Stammering has its worst affect while speaking to someone face to face or talking on the phone .So, why is it that stammering and fluency vary so often? This is because of lack of neuro-muscular coordination. A combination of shame and embarrassment, fear and tension, loss of self-confidence and sense of frustration adds up making the speech fluency impossible. Despite the best effort, words do not come out smoothly.
Normally, a stammerer will try to speak fluently everywhere. Now he has two choices - either struggle and stammer or substitute the problematic words. For example, he can either say "Trai…trai…train" or substitute with "Rail". Either way, it will affect your psychology and make you mentally weak.

Stammering Doctor in Kanpur UP India

Stammering usually starts between 3 and 5 years. In few cases, it can originate between 5 and 9years, and is rarely found after 12 or 13 years. Five percent children will stammer during their early years, out of which four percent will recover with or without help, leaving one percent adults who stammer. Interestingly, it is 4 times more common in boys than in girls. People who stammer spend a great deal of time trying to find out why they do so. They believe that if they could somehow get an answer to this question, they would be cured. Unfortunately, such beliefs are not true and only result in people focussing on the past rather than present.
What is certain is that there is no sole cause, but the fact that stammering is a result of many cumulative factors troubling an individual at the same time. These factors could be physical, emotional or due to external influences such as friends, school, parents etc. Recent research shows that most of the stammerers have difficulty in co-ordinating the muscles for speech, and therefore, need more time to speak. Stammering Doctor in Kanpur UP India This helps us in understanding something which has already been discovered by the affected person, that is, the slower he speaks the more likely he will be fluent.

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